Some Facts To Chew On

Babies born to mothers with many untreated cavities or tooth loss are 3 times more likely to have cavities as a child.
6 out of 10 pregnant women have some form of gum disease

75% of surveyed obstetricians and gynecologists reported having patients who were denied dental services because of pregnancy

Only 22-34% of women in the United States consult a dentist during pregnancy
Here are a few important ways to help ensure the health of you and your baby:
Dentist icon
Visit a dentist before you get pregnant.
Have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined regularly to help avoid oral health problems during pregnancy.
Talking to the Dentist icon
Talk to your dentist.
Consult with your dentist on any dental procedures during pregnancy.
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Note what medications you take.
Your dentist may need to use or prescribe medication as part of your treatment. This list should be known by the primary healthcare provider that cares for your overall health.