Introducing LISTERINE® Clinical Solutions

The latest advancement in mouthwash from the #1 dentist & hygienist recommended brand. Our new line of superpowered mouthwashes are clinically proven and developed with dentists to go beyond a fresh & clean mouth to tackle your top oral care issues.

Clinically Proven

Clinical Solutions was formulated with proven technologies that have been tested through comprehensive and rigorous clinical studies that validate their effectiveness with evidence-based data you can trust.

Dentist Developed

LISTERINE® Clinical Solutions was developed with dentists and hygienists to combat their patients' top oral care needs: early gum disease, tooth decay and persistent bad breath.

Superior Results

Clinical Solutions is uniquely designed to rescue your mouth from specific oral care issues and prevent them from coming back.

From the #1 Dentist Recommended Mouthwash Brand

LISTERINE® Clinical Solutions represents our long-standing history of science-based mouthwashes—and because we are the #1 Dentist recommended mouthwash brand, the new LISTERINE® Clinical Solutions mouthwashes take oral care to a new level.

Bottle of Listerine Clinical Solutions Gum Health Mouthwash

Gum Health

Our best and most advanced mouthwash for gum health and early gum disease


Bottle of Listerine Clinical Solutions Teeth Strength Mouthwash


Our best and most advanced fluoride mouthwash for strengthening teeth and preventing cavities


Bottle of Listerine Clinical Solutions Breath Defense Mouthwash

Breath Defense

Our best and most advanced alcohol-free mouthwash for bad breath


Clinically proven to achieve 3x healthier gums and reduce gingivitis in just 1 week!

  • The only mouthwash to promise a reduction in gingivitis in 1 week
  • Helps maintain healthy gums for 12 weeks with continual twice daily use
  • Reduces plaque bacteria below the gumline*

3x stronger teeth**, with super binding fluoride!

  • Works below the tooth surface for 24-hour cavity protection
  • 60% more tooth strengthening power and 38% greater mineral in teeth enamel compared to neutral fluoride rinse
  • Powered with Rapid Fusion Technology to deliver more fluoride to teeth

Triple action bad breath defense for 24-hours with zero-alcohol mouthwash formula.

  • Our most advanced and effective alcohol-free bad breath mouthwash
  • Neutralizes stubborn bad breath for 24 hours
  • Best LISTERINE® mouthwash at beating bad breath at its source and achieving fresh breath

*Vs brushing alone
**With brushing in a lab study
When used twice daily