We Have High Safety and Efficacy Standards

We have high safety and efficacy standards for LISTERINE®. Of all the available ingredients, we only use less than 1% in our LISTERINE® products.

  • Every delivery from our suppliers is inspected to confirm ingredients meet our high standards for purity.
  • LISTERINE® labels state “Keep out of reach of children.” Additionally, LISTERINE® bottles feature child-resistant caps.
  • LISTERINE® products come with a seal to ensure that no one has tampered with the product before you purchase it.
Listerine safety and standards

Our Four Essential Oils

Our formula is inspired by plants known for their disinfecting abilities and antimicrobial qualities.

The four essential oils in Listerine products
Eucalyptol icon
01. Eucalyptol

Extracted from a Eucalyptus plant

Menthol icon
02. Menthol

A minty oil similar to extract of a mint leaf

Menthyl salicylate icon
03. Methyl Salicylate

Inspired by winter green

Thymol icon
04. Thymol

Inspired by the oil of a Thyme plant

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Let’s Talk About Alcohol

Alcohol carefully disperses our essential oils to cut through biofilm. It also lets you Feel the Whoa! - our famously intense, signature sensation.

But we totally get that alcohol may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, we also created alcohol-free products that are made using essential oils dispersed in a different way, these products offer an alternative mouthwash experience – while also providing a whole mouth clean.

Behind the Scenes with LISTERINE®

Learn more about the journey of making LISTERINE® with our Principal Scientist Victoria Aleles. A story that combines arts with science and begins (and ends) with you!