Responsible Packaging icon

We continuously strive to reduce packaging waste, using more recyclable and recycled materials.

  • Our clear Listerine bottles are made of the most recycled plastic material in the world, and our clear PET bottles are recyclable in most markets.
  • To help recycle caps, keep them ON the bottle when recycling to avoid having them end up in the environment.
  • We plan to begin launching packaging with post-consumer plastic (PCR) in 2022 or 2023 with an aspiration to get to 100% by 2030.
  • Our LISTERINE® Concentrate Refills uses 60% less plastic than the 500mL bottle. Yet another step towards our goal of achieving healthier mouths on a healthier planet.


Choiceful Ingredients icon

We fill our bottles with carefully chosen and high-quality ingredients, backed by science.

  • Up to 30% of the mints in our COOL MINT® flavor oil are traceable all the way to their original farmers
  • Our LISTERINE® Essential Oils are inspired by nature
  • Our mouthwashes are free from parabens and triclosan


Resource Conservation icon

We are focused on innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions, increase energy and water efficiency, and conserve our environmental resources.

  • In 2021, 69% of the electricity used at our main plant in Lititz, PA was produced or procured from renewable energy sources. Our goal is to source 100% of the electricity powering our operations at that plant by 2025.
  • Our main plant in Lititz, PA has reduced their CO2 emissions by 23% since 2016 by implementing energy efficiency projects and purchasing renewable energy.