We’re Reducing Our Plastic Footprint

Our clear LISTERINE® bottles are made of the #1 recycled plastic material in the world, and our clear PET bottles are recyclable in most markets.

Remember to keep the cap ON when recycling to help avoid having them end up in the environment.

The “New” Listerine ®
Concentrate Refills

With 60% less plastic, our fully recyclable LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Zero Concentrate Refill is yet another step towards a more sustainable future. A new format, that leads to less virgin plastic created and that helps you achieve the best oral care in a more responsible and sustainable way.

More About Listerine ® Concentrate
Listerine starter kit box, refills, and mouthwash bottle.

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Our Commitment

We acknowledge our responsibility to create a healthier future, and our commitment extends beyond LISTERINE®. Learn how Kenvue is taking action to make the planet better.

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