Rinsing twice a day isn’t just a great way to keep your breath fresh. It’s the key to getting your whole mouth clean.

Brushing teeth only reaches 25 percent of your mouth

Brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth.

The Power of Antimicrobial Mouthwash

The truth is that brushing alone only reaches 25% of your mouth. The power of the swish fights bacteria in your whole mouth, – teeth and gums. But it should be used twice a day to reach its deep-clean effectiveness. After all, germs are in your mouth all day, every day, and one swish only protects you for 12 hours. For LISTERINE® rinse to reach its full powerful potential, use as directed and swish and rinse vigorously for 30 seconds twice daily.

What happens each time you swish properly?

Research shows that antimicrobial LISTERINE® mouthwash kills oral bacteria within 30 seconds for a difference you will notice with continued use.

In fact, the bacteria in plaque and saliva samples were killed within 30 seconds of coming into contact with LISTERINE® rinse. Don’t give germs a fighting chance. Swish the full 30 seconds to make sure you’re getting a truly clean mouth.

Swishing twice a day is the best way to protect your mouth, but even if you’re already experiencing symptoms of gum disease, there’s a LISTERINE® rinse for you. We’ve earned the ADA seal of approval, so our products are dentist-backed and research-proven to help irritated, red, inflamed gums, gums that bleed easily.

We also have a range of products for helping you reach different oral care goals from cleaning your gums to protecting your enamel. Supplement your brushing, flossing and dentist check-ins with a rinse that lives up to its claims of fighting plaque and gingivitis. A short daily routine for long-lasting oral health you can be proud of. Find the power to stick with it, and you’ll feel the difference in just 21 days. Fewer cavities, less plaque, less tartar, stronger enamel, fewer germs – whatever your goal, let LISTERINE® rinse lead the way.