If you’re aggravated by a sharp, intense pain in your teeth that catches you by surprise, this may be a sign of tooth sensitivity.


This sensitivity occurs when your tooth enamel or soft covering of the root called cementum is lost or your gums have receded exposing the root of the tooth and the dentin.

Causes of damage may include simply overbrushing with improper technique or a too hard brush, consuming acidic and sugary foods, and grinding teeth. Your dentist may refer to this pain as “dentin hypersensitivity”.

Are you experiencing tooth nerve pain? When the hard enamel or softer root cementum of your teeth have been worn away it exposes something called dentin tubules. These tubules lead to the microscopic, pulp containing nerves that run through your inner tooth and when exposed to hot, cold, acidic, or sugary substances they trigger sharp, throbbing tooth pain.

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5 Causes of Tooth Sensitivity