Brushing Only Cleans 25% of Your Mouth



Making sure your family’s totally taken care of isn’t easy, but we’ve got some tips that can help.

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    The Work-Life Balancing Act

    work life balancing life act suitecase lady

    Work-life balance isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. (A journey that sometimes feels like it’s happening on a tightrope.) Here’s a trick that will have the crowd going wild: divide your day into small segments–15 minutes increments or by the hour, whatever works for you–and give yourself one goal to accomplish per segment. You’ll be crossing things off your list, just like magic.

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    Make Time For Your Partner

    make time for your partner spaghetti couple

    Kids, pets, work, and the daily scheduling gauntlet can sometimes leave partners and spouses feeling a little...neglected. You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: date nights are critical. Treat them like you’d treat an important meeting: show up prepared, excited, and dressed to impress. Your spouse might just give you a promotion.

  3. 03

    Dethrone The Phone

    dethrone the phone tin can couple

    You know those days where you see the back of your kid’s phone more than their face. Get them to put down the text-machine and pick up a conversation. Get smart—create “No Phone Zones” in common areas, like the dinner table or the kitchen. Get physical—take a jog or a bike ride where phones just slow you down. Get creative. Make up your own method. Just get them talking!

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    From To-Do To To-Done

    post if lady from the to-do to to-done

    Ah, technology. It can be our biggest distraction–but it can also be our productivity ally. Make your devices work as hard as you do. Productivity apps keep you focused and on task whether you’re assembling the troops for a family BBQ or putting together your packing list for a vacation. Sure, it takes a little discipline, but once you’re on top of your to-do’s, you can go right back to crushing that candy.

  5. 05

    Breathe In. Breathe Out.

    breathe in. breathe out. Man

    You and stress: you’re best frenemies. When you find time for relaxation, really commit to it. Skip the 10-minute nail salon massage and go for a full hour in a dark room. Lock your devices in the closet and meditate (Try it! You might like it!). Or try a long walk outside–just you, your thoughts, and the open road. Whatever you do to relax, give it 100%.

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    An All-In-One Solution

    total care all in one solution

    From the cavity-prone to the enamel-deprived, every mouth in your family is different. But every mouth in the house can benefit from Listerine® Total Care’s six healthy mouth benefits. And you’ll benefit by knocking a few things off your to-do list. One and done: your family’s oral care is totally taken care of.