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Causes Of Bad Breath

Instead of just covering up offensive breath, treat the root problem in your mouth that is causing lingering bad breath that won’t go away. Follow these tips to kick bad-breath germs to the curb for good, and not just mask them.


Can Bad Breath Signal Underlying Health Problems?
Heart and Hammer

Mouth Truths

For Most Americans Bad Breath Is A Deal Breaker

Tooth Truth

Certain Foods Really Do Cause Bad Breath


Top 5 Foods That Cause Bad Breath


Lifestyles That Lead To Bad Breath
Dr Joseph Lister


Dr. Joseph Lister Pioneered Surgery With Antiseptic
<h2>Choose Your Solution For Bad Breath:</h2> <p>All LISTERINE® mouthwashes kill bad-breath germs and freshen breath to get your whole mouth clean.</p>