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How To Fix Bad Breath

Not just a bandage that temporarily covers up the problem, LISTERINE® mouthwash seeps deeper, to attack the root of what causes bad breath.

Does Chewing Gum Really Help Banish Bad Breath?

81% of Us Check Breath With The Breathe-In-Hand Trick

Lick Your Wrist, Wait 5 Seconds + Sniff To Check Your Breath

91% Admit Rinsing Gives Them Confidence To Get A Little Closer

LISTERINE® Rinse Made Us All Smarter When It Popularized The Term "Halitosis"

Brushing Only Cleans 25% Of Your Mouth


Step inside the odor chamber and watch the LISTERINE® Lab test mouthwashes.

Choose Your Solution For Bad Breath:

All LISTERINE® mouthwashes kill bad-breath germs and freshen breath to get your whole mouth clean.