Get a Clean Mouth Feel & Fresh Breath On-The-Go with LISTERINE® READY! TABS™

READY! TABS™: How To Get Rid of Bad Breath After Eating | LISTERINE®

What is it?

A solid tablet that once chewed, turns into a liquid that cleans your mouth and freshens breath anytime, anywhere.

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Wait, What?

(Deep breath.) Technically it’s a rectangular-shaped, bilayer-compressed tabletTM, that once chewed, creates just enough liquid for you to swish around your mouth to get a whole-mouth clean feeling. So simply put, a new way to clean your mouth and get fresh breath on the go.

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How do I use it?

It’s easy. Just remember these 3 simple steps:

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  3. 03


Ready! Tabs™ Street Swishing for Fresh Breath On-The-Go | LISTERINE®

You’re sure I can swallow it?

Yes! LISTERINE® READY! TABS™ were designed to be swallowed and get to those hard-to-reach places, like the back of your tongue where millions of bad breath germs live.

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How come I can’t swallow mouthwash?

Unlike LISTERINE® mouthwashes, which may contain alcohol and other ingredients not intended for ingestion, LISTERINE® READY! TABS™ are alcohol-free and safe to swallow. LISTERINE® mouthwash should always be used as directed, and that means spitting it out in the sink!

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When should I use it?

Let’s say (hypothetically) you’ve just been invited to a meeting with the big boss in 5 minutes. But that half-eaten onion cheesesteak on your desk wasn’t. No problem. LISTERINE® READY! TABS™ are a quick and easy way to give you fresh breath AND that whole-mouth clean feel in a small, chewable tablet. Giving you the on-the-go confidence to show them you’re a real go-getter.

Ready! Tabs™: Swishing 'round the World | LISTERINE®

So, you’re saying I can use it anywhere?

You can use it on a plane.

You can use it on a train.

You can use it in the car going far.

You can try it on a date at the bar.

You can really use it anytime.

Even when writing a rhyme.

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4 hours

How long does it last?

LISTERINE® READY! TABS™ have been scientifically proven to freshen breath up to 4 hours.

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How is it different from gum?

Gum and mints give you “fresh breath” but LISTERINE® READY! TABS™ give you both fresh breath and a whole-mouth clean feel!