You don’t have to live in fear of eating or drinking the wrong things because they may trigger pangs of pain in your mouth.

How To Soothe Sensitive Teeth

So, what helps soothe sensitive teeth? Simple changes to your dietary habits, proper care, good oral hygiene, including rinsing with the LISTERINE® Sensitivity mouthwash, can result in pain relief and the reversal of tooth sensitivity. Follow these tips to ease tooth pain from sensitivity and fortify your enamel.

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    Brush With Softer Bristles

    For sensitive teeth relief, you should take proper care of your teeth. The harder you brush, the more susceptible you are to receding gum lines and the more you wear away at your enamel or softer cementum which exposes the dentin tubules inside. Even if your teeth start feeling better with treatment, it’s important to make certain you are brushing them gently with soft bristles.

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    Guard Your Teeth Overnight

    Wondering why your teeth are so stressed? You could be involuntarily grinding your teeth while asleep. This is called bruxism and in the long term the friction can result in enamel erosion. Waking up with a sore jaw is a tell-tale sign of sleep-grinding. Consult your dentist and he or she can recommend a dental mouth guard to protect your teeth at night.

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    Take Care When Whitening Your Teeth

    Everyone loves having a pearly white smile, but whitening procedures may result in tooth sensitivity. Take a break from the whitening and consult your dentist to prevent bleaching-related sensitivity.

  4. 04

    Find the Right Toothpaste and Mouthwash

    LISTERINE® Sensitivity mouthwash gets inside open dentin tubules to actively prevent painful stimuli from reaching your nerves, blocking sensitivity at the source. Using mouthwash alongside fluoride toothpastes like Listerine Essential Care Fluoride Anticavity further helps protect your enamel.

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    Consult Your Dentist

    If you experience lasting pain, you should immediately consult a dentist for proper sensitive teeth treatment options. Not only will your dentist diagnose the issue, but they can advise you regarding treatments to help combat the pain.


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