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6 Benefits of Using LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE Mouthwash

Every member of the family has their very own oral care needs. With six unique benefits. LISTERINE® Total Care is a simple solution to keep them all totally taken care of.

Six benefits one bottle

The Big Six

Fights Cavities. Makes Them Beg For Mercy

The Big Six

Restores Minerals For Some Hardcore Enamel

The Big Six

Strengthens Teeth
With Fluoride -
And Pizzazz

The Big Six

Kills Bad Breath.
Watch Your Step,

The Big Six

Cleans The Whole
Mouth. Nooks
And Crannies.

The Big Six

Flavors Taste Like
Mmm For Breath
Thats's Fresh
Like Ahh

Six Benefits.
One Bottle.
32 Happy Teeth.

Six ways to refresh your family life

Choose Your Solution

All LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE formulas give you six benefits in one bottle, from strengthening teeth to preventing cavities, but each has its own special advantages.

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